Ashley Peery is a native of Maryville, TN now living in Knoxville. Over the past seven years, he has spent most of his time working in the field of Social Work. An alumni of the University of Tennessee majoring in Advertising as an undergrad and clinical social work as a graduate student, Ashley found himself spending time balancing his creative side with his problem solving side. A true mending of the right brain and left brain. Along the way, Ashley dabbled in pen and ink drawings, graphic design, and video production as hobbies. After graduate school, he slowly began focusing more on being a therapist and lost touch with his creative outlets. In May of 2011, a few events played out that presented him with a new passion, videography. After shooting some events at CrossFit Knoxville, a night with his wife and her father, and the wedding of some close friends, Ashley decided to throw caution to the wind and pursue videography professionally. And thus, Silverleaf Cinemas was born. Ashley is still employed full-time as a Mobile Crisis Clinician, working with homicidal, suicidal, and psychotic individuals…so dealing with stress of a wedding is a breeze.

Silverleaf Cinema’s mission is to provide cinema quality video production that captures those pieces of our lives that make it so meaningful. To bring out and communicate the emotions of the moment. This is something that can only be truly done through motion pictures. Seeing the laughter is not as powerful as hearing the laughter, looking at the expressions of love are not as touching as watching the embrace take form, and the image of a father standing with the bride does not melt the heart the way it does when you watch his eyes tear up as he gives her away. Silverleaf Cinemas intends on catching these moments and presenting them back in a form that can be appreciated in high quality for the rest of your life. There are certain things in life that deserve to be preserved forever and Silverleaf Cinemas would be honored to share those moments with you.

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