Hands down one of the most detail oriented and obsessive grooms I have ever worked with…and I LOVED it! I met Cameron about a week before the proposal through a referral from a photographer I had never met (the very gracious, and talented, Dani Rose).   We only spoke briefly, but I learned a whole lot about what was about to take place.  Our second conversation was conference call that put Cameron, his mother, Lizzy’s mother, Cameron’s sister, and me all one one line.  Cameron had the reigns and we were all along for the ride.  Cameron was perfect.  He was throwing out ideas for me right and left.  I was eating it up!  I met with Lizzy’s girlfriends the weekend before when they painted to “Will You Marry Me?” signs.  Then, on the day of the proposal, I set up at Cameron’s house where he got ready.  We then headed over to Markman’s to pick up the ring.  Then I went to meet Lizzy’s family who were at her loft while Cameron was pulling off an elaborate story to get Lizzy to Market Square (some rouse about meeting some friends early before a wedding and then having the location change at the last second).  When the time came, we were all staged at Market Square in Downtown Knoxville waiting for them to stroll through.  And when they did…well, you’ll see.  It went off without a hitch.  Could not have worked out better.  The wedding is next August, so keep on the lookout for Part II.


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